/Random.Nature.Generator is an interactive, multi-sensory audio-visual installation aimed at children between ages 7 – 12. Through the use of touch sensitive controls users can trigger randomly generated, binaural soundscapes and moving image. Moving around the installation space causes the image blur, pixelate and distort, making it more difficult to match images and sounds. /Random.Nature.Generator has been developed for exhibiting within a busy indoor shopping centre, juxtaposed with its immersive nature theme.

The final work has been developed with MaxMSP/Jitter, a visual programming language. The code can be quickly and easily updated for different spaces, or to provide additional projections for a more immersive experience.

Custom-designed hardware controllers were developed to ensure accessibility. The first, a simple capacitive touch controller which allows users to trigger new audio and video samples. The second, a proximity sensor measures distance through echolocation and allows users to control visual effects with as they move around the space.

This work represents the first in a series of works exploring the digitalisation of our environment and will be supported by a number of digital art prints as well as additional audio and video content.