Hi, my name is Luke Worgan. I am a multi-disciplinary technologist with a background in sound design and composition, generative digital art, multi-sensory and multi-modal interaction design, physical computing and HCI.

I am based at the University of Bath (UoB) in the Centre for Digital Entertainment. As an EngD research engineer I am currently conducting studies which explore temporal and spatial olfactory resolution. The key aim of this research is to examine how we are able to increase perceptions of sensory immersion within virtual, augmented and multisensory environments through the introduction of smell/

Prior to joining the Centre for Digital Entertainment, I studied BSc Sound Design at London South Bank University (LSBU) where my research focused on the development of expressive sensor-based musical instruments. I carried this research theme on throughout my MSc in Creative Technology at The University of the West of England (UWE), developing a range of inclusive and accessible instruments for users with disabilities. My research at UWE also focused on interactive and multisensory environments. I have also completed an MSc in Human Computer Interaction at UoB the initial stage of my doctorate.

As a musician I am currently composing and recording an album inspired by classic science fiction movies (Silent Running, Bladerunner, Dark Star, 2001, Solaris). I have previously released records under several pseudonyms (JapanJapan, Metatarsals, Taffarel).

When I am not in the lab or the studio, I like watching Alien on repeat, getting out on my bike and buying books I probably wont get around to reading. And I am always interested in innovative and exciting creative collaborations so please do send me a message.