The intersection between art and technology has and continues to be a guiding force in the ongoing development of my work and my research interests. Problems exist to be solved, and through my work I seek to investigate, identify and develop innovative technology solutions. I am very interested in user-centred and participatory design, employing a collaborative, open and creative approach to development.

Accessibility and inclusion are at the forefront of this work with my research exploring the development of interactive instruments and interfaces designed for and alongside users with disabilities and special needs. As artists, developers and technologists I believe we have a unique opportunity to work with users with a wide range of needs and requirements to develop innovative solutions which provide the user with more control and autonomy over the creative pursuits, education and wellbeing.

As a musician and artist, I understand how important having the opportunity to be creative can be to a person. Having studied for a BSc in Sound Design at London South Bank University – developing sensor-based, gesture-controlled instruments and interfaces, before going on to an MSc in Creative Technology at the University of the West of England, I feel well placed to explore these topics, and apply these principles to new research projects.

I can currently be found working as an EngD Research Engineer at the University of Bath. My research continues to focus on inclusion and accessibility in new technologies.