Freedom of Movement Campaign (Glastonbury Festival 2019)

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This project was commissioned by Glastonbury Festival to be exhibited as part of a video package on the West Holts stage. The organisers aimed to shine a light on issues surrounding freedom of movement and throughout the weekend, the West Holts stage played host to installations projected on screens during the breaks between artists.

This installation seeks to explore the media’s reporting of issues surrounding migration. These issues extend beyond the often-dangerous journey that many migrants are forced to make to flee war, religious persecution or poverty. Many migrants report issues relating to their ongoing integration into their local communities and facing racism. The work seeks to represent these themes through a pair of short films, each looking at a specific aspect of immigration.

The installation was created using video editing and manipulation tools developed in Cycling74’s Jitter programming environment. The Jitter patches developed utilise computer vision to identify specific subjects within the existing video footage. These subjects can then be erased, pixelated or manipulated in several ways.

The idea or erasing or obscuring images of vulnerable people fleeing war, persecution and hunger, is a commentary on the dehumanisation and othering of people by the western media, and seeks to highlight the flaws in an out-of-sight, out-of-mind attitude.